Pet Search Party App

(Finding Missing Pets with a Geolocation App)
A ChiPy Mentorship Project

Code available at my github repo

Tech Stack

  • Front-end: Bootstrap(HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Back-end: Django, Python
  • Real-time Tracking: WebSockets - Django Channels
  • Map Visualization: MapBox


During the ChiPy Mentorship Program, I was paired with a professional web developer who mentored me, while I completed a project of my own choice. Pet Search Party is the app that I created from that.

Pet Search Party is a geolocation based app that helps pet owners find lost pets as they search for them on the street. Because it uses the geolocation ability of the browser, there's nothing to download like in an Android or iOS app. The app is meant to be used by opening up a browser on a smartphone and visiting a live site that hosts the app.

Use Case

After signing up, the owner creates a profile for their missing pet. The app tracks the path of the pet owner in real time and shows it on a map. Other people, who want to help search for that pet, can join the search party. Their path is tracked and shows up in the same map. Since it shows everybody's path on the same map, one can tell where people have searched already. Thus, they can make a decision where to search next, which will be in one of the unsearched areas.